About Us

sundaydrip is the brainchild of two friends (Roman and Kallaway) chasing their passion to bring cool products and experiences into the world. Born in 2021, sundaydrip represents the internal fire to activate your creative energy and pursue an authentic passion through adventure.

Today, sundaydrip exists as an apparel-focused lifestyle brand, remixing the most influential themes at the intersection of lifestyle streetwear and luxury fashion.

In the future, we plan to generously expand the brand portfolio to pursue IRL and virtual experiences as well as a wider range of physical and digital products. 

Much like the creative energy and vision within us, we expect sundaydrip to evolve, morph, and grow overtime. It will become a sandbox for our creative expression. Our brand operates through limited edition collection drops, each encompassing a feeling, moment, or location that excites our daily adventurer. 

Welcome To Our World

There are literally hundreds of potential collections and collaborations across locations, events, passions, and moods that we've conceived for sundaydrip. Our mission is to bring them to life through product and experiences.

Along the way, our hope is to use emerging web3 technology (e.g., digital collectibles, dynamic community access, rentable drop slots, etc.) to enable our fans and supporters to maximize their connection to the brand.

Early web3 experimentation has shown tremendous potential in deepening brand loyalty and tightening incentive loops between the brand and the its community. This is a secondary focus initially (as web3 literacy is still extremely nascent) but will be a core part of our DNA in everything we do moving forward. 

Influenced by our favorite collaborations, our goal is to partner with emerging artists and designers within and outside of our community to fuel a more collaborative design process. This means that while we plan to build a world-class design team in-house, we also hope to provide a platform and fair incentives for “designers-in-residence” that partner with us for one-off collections.

We'll see you out there.

R + K


To follow and support the journey, check us out here:

YouTube channel - https://youtube.com/c/sundaydrip
Tiktok - https://tiktok.com/@kallawavy
Driplist (free email) - https://bit.ly/3DZ15CJ
Discord - https://discord.gg/sundaydrip